Different forms of media have become very popular and common in the society these days. They are very helpful for the educational sector as well.

We often hear about the advantages and benefits of using media in the larger world. But rarely do we actually understand what role it plays in benefiting the society as a whole. There are both supporters and critics of mass utilization of media in various walks of life.

Some believe that media has the power of manipulation and distortion while others consider is as a motivational and strengthening building block. It can be used to highlight both positive points and negativities of the society.

Media is a channel of communicating specific types of information to a given audience. It can take various forms and categories. It is the way we broadcast or narrowcast any type of data or information.

Like all other sectors of the society, media is has a very important and significant role to play in the education industry. It does not matter what form of media we use it has both negative and positive effects on the studying process of the students.

Let us now look at some ways media can influence and affect the education systems of the world:

  • Effects of Electronic Media:

The electronic media consists of the various television channels and internet broadcasting networks. For a student information of different kinds is of utmost significance. Easy and quick access to accurate and cheap sources of information is what all students are looking for.

Electronic media like television channels and broadcasting networks provide students that opportunity to access similar sources of information.

Different types of programs including documentaries, movies, short films and even news bulletins may be helpful in the academic and extracurricular knowledge building of the viewers. It is extremely useful for increasing awareness of various types of issues and topics that might be of concern to a specific group of students.

It is also a great way to remain up to date on what is happening in the world around you. There are many channels that are especially dedicated towards the provision of lectures and classroom videos to help students for remote localities to learn from their homes. It also provides technical education and knowledge to the students.


  • The role of Print Media:

Keeping yourself knowledgeable about the current affairs is essential for students of all types of education systems. Print media like newspapers and magazines are most commonly used by students to polish their knowledge about various topics and subjects. Journals and informational material are also available in different disciplines to enhance the educational capabilities and information of the students.

These print sources of media are often used as reference materials in the education systems.

  • The role of the internet and social media:

Circulation of information and widespread of vital information can be done with convenience and speed using this form of affordable and easily available media. These days online education has also become quite common and helpful for the students living in the remote areas. It has made education easy, flexible and affordable for all segments of the society.