The world is moving faster, and more and more countries are realizing the importance of language for communication. Nothing can be achieved in this world without mastering English, and ideally the language of the targeted country. Companies seek the help of e-learning specialists to help them understand, manage, and administer foreign employees, legislations, and customs.


Advantages of eLearning vs. Traditional Language Courses

The internet offers a very flexible and less time consuming way of learning a language. Time has become a more precious resource than money, and eLearning is the ideal way of saving time and money as you can take online lessons directly from home or from the office. Expensive language courses have no longer remain a necessity. Businessmen and individuals are able to learn the language of their choice in an online environment without having to travel unnecessary distances. Communication tools like Skype or eLearning software are of great help for online learning. People have found the benefits of learning a language with a native speaker. Traditional language courses are lengthy and boring, while online learning courses are short and more interactive. ELearning is a better form of learning, because it saves student to spend more time learning a language.


How it works?

The most famous tool for learning a language online is Skype, because Skype gives students the opportunity to speak to his/her teacher based in any country for free. You only need to sign up, create your account, and you are good to go. It is suggested to students to have a broadband internet connection, a headset, and a quite learning environment to make fastest progress for learning a language. A webcam gives you the possibility to see your teacher, and observe the way he/she talks and uses gestures to strengthen and emphasize his/her speech. Virtual classroom is another useful tool for learning a language online. The teacher can upload files containing AV (Audio Video), Grammar exercises, activities, and games into the virtual classroom where student and teacher can share the same screen. Virtual classrooms also provide a chat window, which teachers can utilize to write down new vocabulary, expressions, and anything that may be useful for the learners. The contents of chat box can be imitated and pasted into a word file, which can letter be emailed to the student. The students and teacher can activate their webcam inside the virtual classroom, which will make the learning experience more intense and real.


Which are the best eLearning companies?

On VerbalPlanet (a site to learn foreign language), you can choose the teacher based on experience, number of lessons taught, price of lessons, and age and rating. Learnship (a site that offers high quality foreign language training) offers language courses that are conducted in an advanced virtual conference room with interactive learning material based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages produced by the Council of Europe. GoFluent (a site that offers English learning) is the place to learn English courses via mobile learning, lessons over the phone, and e-writing.


Which Language Should You Learn?

The most sought after language for decades is English. Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian are currently among the top favorites against the background of China, Brazil, and Russia respectively. Russia and China are becoming one of the world’s leading economies and offering high potentials with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) rates of up to 9%. It is hard to believe that Portuguese is the language of approximately 178 million people, and it has become the 7th most widely spoken language on earth. The most spoken language of the world is Mandarin that is, spoken by 845 million native speakers. Mandarin is also one of the six official languages of UN (United Nations). Learning German is a good option, because German is the most widely spoken language in Europe, and Germany has the 3rd strongest economy. German is also the second most commonly used scientific language. Germany offers great number of scholarships to students, hence it is a good deal to learn German language. Nevertheless, English is the most important language of the world. We cannot communicate in the world without English. Spanish and Arabic are also important languages. In a nutshell, the most important languages of the world are English, Mandarin, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic.