Life seems too simple? Feel like spicing it up with something fruitful? How about you introduce yourself to new languages! Here are tips to help you achieve this.

Everyone gives a 100%. That’s too easy! Life will be way more exciting if you give your 200% and the best way to go about it is to learn languages. To make sure it is not simple, you might want to make it harder by learning two languages simultaneously.

Here we have assembled 9 Killer tips to learn two languages and ace it.

  • Brainstorm your interest

Now that the numbers has been decided, the next step will be to choose which two languages to learn. Take your time. Think! Make a list and prioritizes it. From the top 5 then choose the 2 that you really really want to go for.

  • Go for less similar languages

We know you like challenges, but keeping it achievable may be an important element. Make sure you go for the two languages that are not similar to one another or you might just end up inventing your own version of “Ger-ench”, in case you were learning German and French.

  • Divide and rule

Make sure your brain indentifies them as two completely different languages. Don’t confuse yourself by learning both the languages in the same way or from the same teacher or the place. Try variations. If you are going for the translation method for one language then make sure go for any other learning technique for the other language.

  • Be accommodating

Once you have gone through the basic level and have entered into the intermediate level, you can then play in between the newly learned languages by translating both of them in between. This way you will be able to divide equal time between the languages and your brain will get used to of incorporating both the languages at once.

  • Make it fun for yourself

Already it is not a piece of cake, but you definitely can add some sprinkles on it. Language learning shouldn’t get boring for you. Once it does, you will probably lose all your interest. So make it fun. Learn languages through language games, or by watching movies in the targeted language.

  • Make it a part of your routine

A big fan of music? Perfect. How about you add a few songs from the targeted languages in your play list. To avoid confusion, you could dedicate songs to one language and movies to the other. The more exposure you have to the language the better for you.

  • Look for a language buddy

The best way to practice and learn your language is to talk to someone who either, already knows that language or has also learned it. That is the kind of motivation you need. You could “write” letters too. Speaking and writing both can be achieved this way.

  • Set a target

Planned preparations give more outcome than the unplanned ones. Set a target for yourself. Don’t be too hard but keep a check. Make a weekly check list. Write your achievements on a piece of paper and be proud of yourself but also write your weak areas and plan to work more on them.

  • Treat yourself

You may at times tend to forget that what you are doing is actually equals to living on the edge. With every level you achieve, treat yourself. You could plan a visit to a country where your chosen language is spoken locally