Welcome folks! This article is for all the college goers out there. Have you always wondered what the key to cruising smoothly through college is? Let us help you out!

In this competitive world of today, we could use all the extra help that we can get, especially when it comes to passing through college and building our careers. This is why we are bringing you a comprehensive list of mobile applications that can make your life as a college student so much easier. Read on to find more.

  1. iHomework: Yes you read that right! While this app might not do our homework for you, it will help you keep track of all it. Now you never have to miss an assignment or a quiz ever again. This app is your personal alarm clock for all the homework deadlines and pending tasks.


  1. Notability: Carrying a pen and a paper to college is now considered ‘old school’. While nothing can replace taking notes on a paper for me personally, students who do not like taking notes manually can download Notability. This amazing app allows you to scribble down your class notes on your smartphone or tablets without the hassle of arranging for writing material.  The cool features of scribbling and audio recording make this one of the most-used college apps of today.

  1. Fantastical 2: This is the scheduler app that we all need on our smartphones. This is especially good for you if you are a college student who has a lot of workload all the time. With the help of this app, you would not have to worry about missing a joint study session, a quiz, an important lecture or even a football game. It also has a map that helps you reach your appointment on time.


  1. iTunes University: Apple’s iTunes university is the ultimate hub of course curriculums available online from a number of top universities in the world. Even if your college’s curriculum is not on it, you can find hundreds of similar relevant materials to help you out in your coursework.


  1. Skype: I know you guys are thinking that skype is just your every day communicating tool, and cannot be as significant as a college app? However, you should know otherwise.

This app is one of the first ones to offer video calling, and it also introduced the concept of virtual classrooms in our education system. Whether it’s an important lecture you want to take online, a study group that you want to join or you need some guidance for a coursework from a colleague, you can just download Skype, and you would be good to go.

All the apps that we have mentioned above are super helpful for you if need just a little extra help in managing your college routine. Our college life determines how our lives and careers are going to shape up in the future. So buckle up, get all these amazing apps and prove that you can do anything!