The access to quality education has been rendered easy in the recent times. With the introduction of online courses you can easily learn whatever you want, whenever you want, and from wherever you want. Either it is online education or otherwise, there is a vast range of courses which you can choose from.

Unlike the past, now you can design your own courses by selecting the optional subjects you wish to study along with the compulsory ones. This piece of writing discusses the fields of education which have stayed popular among the students in the recent times. You can get a degree in one of these and ensure a bright career ahead of you.

IT and Computer Sciences

The 21st century is the era of IT and CS. Each day a new discovery is made in the field of computers making it interesting and challenging for students to study in. Moreover, innovation in the current era relies largely on these subjects that further increase their importance many folds.

Business Administration

The growing ratios of startups and entrepreneurship show that this field has quite been in vogue in the recent times. Business Administration teaches the art of doing business using which you can start a venture of your own or you can easily get associated with some large corporation.


Brand management is a necessary thing if you wish to ensure the rapid growth of your business. This requires the services of marketing experts who know when, where, and how to promote your business. By getting a degree in this field, you can make a handsome livelihood for yourself.

Liberal Arts and Humanities

The numbers of students entering into social sciences have also gone up in the recent times. A growing awakening among the masses regarding human rights and liberties has increased the importance of these subjects.

International Relations

The world has gone global which means that no country can survive on its own. This demands greater cooperation and collaboration between nations. As a result, the demand of people having degrees in International Relations has also gone up.

Criminal Justice

This degree has increased in its importance owing to the recent waves of terrorism. You can pursue a career in law enforcement, hostage negotiations, forensic science, and crime prevention by getting a degree in this field of study.

Auditing and Accounting

Auditing and Accounting are one of those well-paid fields of work where physical toil is limited. All you have to do is be good with numbers.


One of those fields which have seen their importance going upwards in near past. People visit psychologists more often, than they used to in the past, to discuss their problems and seek solutions for them.

Public Health

A degree in this field of study helps you develop a career in the health sector. You can become a health consultant or health program administrator which is very well paid.


This is one of those fields which never go out of fashion. You can step into the world of innovation or get linked with a multinational by getting a degree in any of the fields of engineering.